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Coating and modifying substrate surfaces of arbitrary shape

Technology #m03-069

Lead Inventors: Peng Wang, Ph.D., Jeffrey T. Koberstein Ph.D.

Surface modification of substrate surfaces and interfaces:
It is desirable to design and control the structure and properties of surfaces and interfaces without affecting a material’s bulk properties. Few current techniques for surface modification, however, allow for specific chemical and structural control at molecular dimensions. In addition, many methods under development for surface modification are not readily suited to industrial application and scale up.

Coating controls chemical and physical nature of surfaces and interfaces:
The present invention is useful as a means to coat monolayer films of photoactive polymers onto substrates of arbitrary shape with supercritical carbon dioxide and other supercritical solvents. This approach provides molecular-based methods and processes that can be used to control the chemical and physical nature of surfaces and interfaces. These coatings allow the possibility of functionalizing polymer surfaces through modifying functional groups in a homogenous way and controlling the spatial distributions of surface functional groups.

• Functionalize a wide range of substrates with arbitrary shapes including cover slips, glass slides, semiconductor chips, plates, microarray sensors, biomedical devices, catheters, blood bags, dialysis machines, artificial hearts, biological sensors, circuits, substrates for electroplating, implants, nanoparticles or their combination
• Design and control chemical and physical nature of surfaces and interfaces
• Deliver the precise surface concentrations of a number of interesting functional groups in spatially resolved surface patterns
• Coat internal pores in porous objects or inside of tubes

• A wide range of applications
• Inexpensive, convenient, and accessible
• Does not require volatile organic compounds, hence environmentally friendly
• Scalable

Patent Status: Patent Pending (US20070134420A1) ~ see links below.

Licensing Status: Available for Licensing and Sponsored Research Support

Publications: Yong Chen, Jeffrey T. Koberstein, Fabrication of Block Copolymer Monolayers by Adsorption from Supercritical Fluids: A Versatile Concept for Modification and Functionalization of Polymer Surfaces, Langmuir, 2008, 24 (18), pp 10488-10493

Jeffrey T. Koberstein, Molecular Design of Functional Polymer Surfaces, J. Polym. Sci., Part B: Polym. Phys. 2004, 42, 2942