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Asthma Patients Predisposed to Adverse Beta-Agonist Reactions

Technology #925

“Name of the inventor: Jean Ford P-Agonist Sensitivity in Asthma Patients A method of identifying individuals susceptible to adverse responses to regular P-agonist administration is described. A kit may be employed for identifying susceptibility to adverse reactions occurring due to regular Pagonist administration.

The method involves identifying a first and second allele of the P2-Adrenergic receptor gene in a genomic nucleic acid sample, where both the alleles encode Arg at residue 16 of the P2-adrenergic receptor protein. The identification is done using techniques such as denaturing gel electrophoresis, allele-specific polymerase chain reaction amplification, single strand conformation polymorphism analysis, restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis or allele-specific hybridization. Asthma Patients with P-agonist Sensitivity Identified: The method seeks to resolve the debate over the safety of P-agonist therapy and identifies a population of asthmatic patients who are at risk for an adverse reaction to regular administration of P-agonists. ”