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Method for transplant kidney preservation with a gp130 receptor ligand

Technology #876

Chronic kidney failure remains a large problem in the United States and is currently only treated through dialysis and organ transplantation. Both can be both expensive and difficult for the body to tolerate, making it desirable to increase kidney function before the onset of complete renal failure. This would increase life expectancy and decrease the number of intensive treatments needed for those suffering from kidney disease.

Preserving kidney for transplanation with gp130 receptor ligands such as leukemia inhibitory factor or cardiotrophins.

Organ transplant is one of the few options available to those affected by renal failure. Using this technology, the lifetime of organ tissue and function can be extended, increasing the number of viable kidneys for transplantation.

Lead Inventor:

Jonathan Barasch, Ph.D.


  • Treatment for individuals with kidney failure.
  • Process for improving the lifetime of kidney tissue and function.


  • Increases the number of viable kidneys for transplantation.

Patent information:

Patent Issued (US 6,423,681)

Licensing Status:

Available for licensing and sponsored research support

Tech Ventures Reference: IR 876