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Biopolymer Graft Collar for Enhanced Tendon to Bone Fixation

Technology #2230

“Lead Inventor: Helen Lu, Ph.D.

Tendon to Bone Fixation in Tendon Grafts Problematic:
Autologous tendon grafts are commonly used in orthopedic surgery for repair of torn tendons. A significant challenge in this reconstructive surgery resides in achieving extended functional integration of soft tissue grafts with subchondral bone. The biological fixation of these grafts is particularly critical in the repair of injuries to ligaments and tendons, because integration between soft and hard tissues is essential for musculoskeletal motion. Because the tendon insertion site is often prone to injury, the mechanical fixation of the graft often fail to preserve or reestablish an anatomic soft tissue to bone enthesis post-surgery. Thus, there exists a significant need for integrative graft fixation systems, which can promote interface regeneration and facilitate functional graft-to-bone integration.

Tendon Grafts, Tendon to Bone Fixation, Improved with Biopolymer:
This technology demonstrates a biopolymer device that enhances graft tendon to bone fixation. The device consists of a graft collar structure which is to be sutured around the tendon graft. The collar consists of (a) a first region comprising a hydrogel and (b) a second region adjoining the first region and comprising of either a collagen or polymer-fiber mesh. The graft collar promotes integration of the tendon graft to bone, by releasing substances which promote various healing processes; for instance, the graft may be embedded with anti-infectives, antibiotics, bisphosphonate, hormones, analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents, growth factors, angiogenic factors, chemotherapeutic agents, anti-rejection agents, stem-cells, and/or peptides.

• Promotion of Tendon Graft Healing
• Promotion of Ligament Graft Healing

• Enhanced Healing of Tendon Grafts
• Increased strength of tendon-bone fixation
• Biomaterial structure allows no rejection

Patent Status: Patent Pending (WIPO 2008/070186) ~ see link below.

Licensing Status: Available for Licensing and Sponsored Research Support

Publications: Moffat KL, Wang IE, Rodeo SA and Lu HH; ”“Orthopaedic interface tissue engineering for the biological fixation of soft tissue grafts”“, Clinics in Sports Medicine, 28(1):157-176, 2009.